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Risks and Benefits of HRT

Updated: May 5

I’m a big believer in choice.

But I also believe in INFORMED choice.

Choosing how to manage menopausal symptoms should be a choice based on evidence.

Some women, for whatever reason may choose to not take HRT. Seeing a loved one suffer from breast cancer may be enough to influence someone they want NO increased risk at all. And that’s ok.

I wanted to sum up what we currently know in terms of the risk of taking HRT and the benefits.

Starting HRT in the #perimenopause or soon after the menopause has been shown to offer many health advantages. Protection from osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular (heart) disease, stroke, metabolic conditions. It also eradicates all the menopausal symptoms.

Most importantly:

HRT has been shown to reduce death from all causes.

Breast cancer is what concerns most women. At the moment we think there is a very small increased risk of breast cancer when taking combined estrogen and progesterone.

The increased risk is the same as the increased risk from drinking a glass of wine a night.

It is similar to taking the combined pill.

And the risk increase is equivalent to the risk decrease if you exercise for 2.5 hours a week.

Obesity increases the risk 6 fold.

An important message is there is

No increased risk of dying from breast cancer when taking HRT.

I hope this goes a little way to explain the safety and benefits of HRT as we understand it today.

Does this make you feel like HRT is a safer option if you want to pursue the medical route?


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