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Updated: Apr 22

A striking feature I’ve noticed whilst consulting with women is that they more often than not don’t present with the stereo typical menopause symptoms most talked about in the press.

It isn’t #hotflushes or #nightsweats that bring women to see me. Actually I wonder if it is those that they can cope with. They have busy lives and a trip to the doctor is time consuming and inconvenient.

What often causes them to pick up the phone is the overwhelming anxiety, the ‘I don’t feel like me any more’ , tearfulness, ‘I can’t cope’, panic.

And of course many GP’s who have little experience of treating the menopause don’t realize and start these women on antidepressants when really they just need #estrogen.

If you are feeling like this help is out there. These symptoms as paralysing as they can be, can quickly completely disappear with the right treatment and you will feel like you again!

Dr Naomi Potter is a menopause consultant in New Malden Surrey, she runs weekly Menopause clinics at Groves Medical Centre, and she has worked in the NHS for 16 years and as a GP with specialist interest in Women's Health and the menopause for 10 years. She is a Specialist Menopause Doctor and HRT Consultant.

GP's can have little experience of managing the menopause and may be nervous about prescribing HRT in the light of evidence over the last few years You may feel unsure which way to turn. If this is the case I can help. If you are struggling with the menopause but for whatever reason do not want HRT I can help with this too.


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