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Updated: Apr 22

HRT Is it safe?

HRT is hormone replacement therapy and has had some bad press in recent years. As a result a whole cohort of women have suffered unnecessarily. The latest evidence is that women on modern body- identical HRT (Estradiol and Utrogestan) have a lower risk of death than women who do not take HRT.

When used correctly HRT reduces the risk of Osteoporosis, heart disease, alzheimer's, cancer, and stroke.  It maintains lower weight, muscle mass and younger skin. Taking oestrogen through the skin has no increased risk of blood clots (DVT/ PE). Taking oestrogen alone is thought to possibly reduce the risk of breast cancer and taking combined HRT does not increase the risk of death from breast cancer.

Many women worry about gaining weight around the menopause and the myth is that HRT causes weight gain.

  • HRT does not cause weight gain. It is the metabolic changes that occur secondary to being in a low estrogen state that cause weight gain especially around the tummy area.

  • HRT can actually cause weight loss as it establishes a pre-menopausal metabolism.

As a society we need to be more aware and proactive towards Menopause care and HRT.

Dr Naomi Potter is a menopause consultant in New Malden Surrey, she runs weekly Menopause clinics at Groves Medical Centre, and she has worked in the NHS for 16 years and as a GP with specialist interest in Women's Health and the menopause for 10 years. She is a Specialist Menopause Doctor and HRT Consultant.

GP's can have little experience of managing the menopause and may be nervous about prescribing HRT in the light of evidence over the last few years You may feel unsure which way to turn. If this is the case I can help. If you are struggling with the menopause but for whatever reason do not want HRT I can help with this too.


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