Body Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy 

I use Body identical HRT, normally in the form of Estradiol (patch or gel) and Utrogestan micronised progesterone.  It is safer to prescribe estrogen through the skin (trans-dermal route) so I would not normally initiate  oral HRT unless the patient had a very strong view on it.

The hormones I use are identical to the hormones produces naturally in a woman's body (they are made from yam and soya) but in contrast to 'Bio-identical hormones', the hormones I prescribe are produced and regulated under strict conditions and national guidelines and are available on UK formulary.

HRT Shortages in the UK

We have been short of HRT since October 2018. This has led to a vast number of women having to cope without the hormones that they rely upon to lead a symptom free life.


Despite nation-wide campaigns there is still no sign that this will improve.



I  have access to Estraderm patches. Estrogel is available. Estradot 25mcg is available and hopefully more strengths will be available later in the weeks.

If you have any queries regarding HRT availability I am happy to help, please feel free to email.

Dr Naomi Potter

GP & Specialist Doctor

in Menopause Care

The Groves Medical Centre


171 Clarence Avenue,

New Malden,



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Due to Covid, I am ONLY seeing patients via Video.

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